Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Now in gallery 9

As promised, here are some new shots from the gallery.

Here is an oil entitled, you guessed it, "Caramels and Peppermints" by Vanessa St Laurent.
Wonderful new bracelets by Nancy MacCallum. Trust us, you need to have one of these. They are just lovely, unique, hand made treasures!

A new artist for us, A S Donovan who has a loose, painterly style. On the left, a Paris Metro Map followed by two rural scenes. A delight.

Nancy Bacevich is also new to the gallery and she does wonderful pastels. Her figures are captivating and she does take commissions for portraiture.

These are a joy to see in person! Ann Gorbett, another artist new to the gallery, created these "Mini Masters" as an art exercise. Can you spot the Degas and the two Van Gogh's? How about the original composition by Ann Gorbett?
While we love the "Mini Masters," we also loved her own creations. In person you can see the texture and wonderful framing on this pine and maple tree.

Kathy Weller's work displayed on our artful ledge. Inspiring ideas for your own home? (Perhaps you would like two or three of Kathy's pieces to get this similar look.)

And here's Julie working hard to make all the pieces look fabulous---both on the gallery walls and in your home. Thanks for checking in.

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