Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the gallery

If you haven't come into the gallery lately, it is time for a trip. We have exciting work to show you from some fabulous artists, in addition to an expanded line of ready-made frames.

Here is a selection of some of our offerings to whet your appetite--

Andrew Osborne's wood turnings, Kim Weineck's mini paintings, and Lisa W B Walker's hand-thrown pottery. Wonderful.

Nancyrosetta's wonderful jewelry with the ready made frames

And a new artist in gallery 9, Nick Murray
(See the teensy red dot on this one?)
Framed minimally for display and priced perfectly so you can choose the right frame for your decor.

Or not framed but instead displayed industrially with clips on their heavy paper. Quite nice.

And close ups of the framed pieces:

Another artist in house is Ann Gorbett, you'll see her in the video in the upper right corner of this blog. She's working on unique series right now inspired by family snapshots. These are accompanied by letters instead of titles.

These, too, are unframed and priced perfectly for you to be able to frame as you like for your decor.

Here is a close up
And its accompanying letter that is its title, perfect to put on the back of the framed piece.
And another of her works with its title
And finally What fun these are. Her palette knife technique make these works unique, interesting, and appealing to a wide audience. Wait until you see them!

And for our abstract fans, Jenn O'Neil (a show coming up August 1st, mind you!!!) has these bright and exciting pieces for you:

Yes, that's my head and the flash.

And affordable small pastels by me, Kim Weineck. (Hope you don't mind the shameless plug.) Thanks for looking. We hope to see you soon!

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