Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fridays are good and busy

I'm peppering this post with photos from the show, "Life is a bowl of..." to whet your appetite.
Pitfall, original oil by Zafarana
Julie and I were hard at work yesterday (with the help of Nancy MacCallum and Jennifer O'Neil for a spell, thankfully) revamping the gallery getting all in order for the show, "Life is a bowl of..." and it was fun, a lot of hard work, but ultimately quite fulfilling. I am delighted--and a bit proud--of how the gallery looks.
Life is a bowl of possibilites, original oil by Michelle Clay
For our first "open call" show, where we invited everyone to participate, we had nearly 40 entries. People would have submitted multiples if we'd have let them, too. The selection of subjects under the subject is vast and many mediums are represented, including one piece of collage that included reclaimed ivory!

Life is a bowl of Mashed Potatoes, original oil by Ann Gorbett
"The Life is a Bowl" show is set up in the front of the gallery. Further back we have displayed our Gallery 9 in-house artists. It's a nice full display of 2D work including Jude McGinn, Jennifer O'Neil, Kathy Weller, Ann Gorbett, Irena Roman, and me, Kim Morin Weineck. For 3D works we have Nancy MacCallum's jewelry, Lisa W.B. Walker's pottery, Andrew Osborne's wood turnings, and Hala Alwach's wire choker necklaces.

Life is a bowl to go, original gold-filled and silver ring by Nancy MacCallum
Kerry Hawkins, a photographer who is our First Friday artist for next Friday, September 5th from 5-7pm. We had a lovely, successful turnout for Jennifer O'Neil's inaugural First Friday so it'll be fun to have them continue.

Wait until you come by. It's quite impressive!

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nancyrosetta said...

Stellar post, Kim!
Thanks so much for including my "Life is a Bowl to go" ring!

The gallery does look festive right now, I think you and Julie did a fantastic job.