Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life is a bowl...Opening night photos!

What a great event!
Everyone had an awesome time and the place was packed. We had a few sales and a whole lot of schmoozing, it was a success!
It started off with people drizzling in by two's and three's and then all of a sudden we were a packed house!

We are so proud of all the contributing artists. Most came with family and friends, and many stayed until the bitter end.
I am foreseeing many more of these 'open calls' in the future, it sure is fun to see what people come up with when you let them take an idea and roll with it!

Doesn't this just look inviting?

Don't forget that this special 38 artist show is still up for critique until the end of September. Please stop by and vote for your fan favorite before September 25th.

Nancy, Julie and Kim, the Gallery 9 team!

Forgive the blurry photo (I took it myself) and the wine teeth (we like red), we were just having fun. Come by and say hello!


KHawkins said...

It was a really fun event

Kathy Weller said...

kerri I am sorry I missed meeting you -- I love your photos!!
Great party, guys!! Thanks so much!! Lookin forward to the next open call for art!