Friday, September 26, 2008

Window visitors

My nephew and daughter came by the gallery with my mom a few weeks ago, before the "Life is a bowl..." show and I could not resist posting the photos from their brief visit.

Here you can see Brad contemplating who is going to get his vote. Lucy is more interested in the traffic outside.
This shot clearly was when he said, "Aunt Kim, I can't choose which "Life is a bowl..." piece I like the best!"

I think he just told Lucy who he selected and she is adding her two cents before he casts his "fan favorite" ballot. He's excited about their mutual selection.

And I love this shot. You can just see my outline in the glass reflection. Cute little window visitors. (I am, obviously, biased--thanks for indulging me.)

The show comes down today and we'll be posting the "fan favorite" winning painting here. Please check back soon!

(And contributing artists, please come in for your pieces. Thanks!)

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nancyrosetta said...

These have to be the cutest real live window mannequins there ever were!