Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Fridays :: Kim Morin Weineck

Julie and I have now organized a few First Friday art receptions for other artists at the gallery, and now it's my turn.

It's quite good to be on the other side and have the nervous apprehension that goes along with being the artist and not simply the planner.

I think it will help me do my job at the gallery a little bit better from the experience.

First Fridays are receptions for in-house gallery artists held at Gallery 9 from 5-7pm on the first Friday of a month. That day stands unless the first of the month is a Friday. In that instance, the reception is held the following week---like Election Day.

We'll have wine and cheese and some new work will be displayed -- including a style I've been experimenting with that allows me to be a little more graphic-minded.

And...if we're daughter Lucy will make an appearance. (Ha! You knew I couldn't let a whole post go by without making one reference.)

I'm excited about my own First Friday and hope you will come by!

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