Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gallery Face Lift for the Winter!

Some changes at Gallery 9. Very exciting!

A new gallery artist, and a new display. Kim and I dragged up this black display from the basement and cleaned it up and voila! Perfect for small items. These tiny spun cotton figurines are by Vintage by Crystal, our newest Gallery artist. You can see some of my jewelry just beyond.

Kim is painting the window "Wall". You can barely see her working, I tried to get a Kerry Hawkins type photo, but boy, is that harder than it seems.

Here is Julie reaching the areas of the "Wall" that Kim couldn't reach. I can't wait to see what will eventually be on this vibrant blue wall.

What fun! I can't wait to go in tomorrow to see the whole window finished. It's always something fabulous!!!

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Kerry Hawkins said...

Looking good. I can't wait to see it

btw Tag, You're IT!