Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SMALL WORKS sampling

It's Wednesday and the SMALL WORKS show is nearly here.

Our reception is Friday from 5-7 and Saturday from 11-3. We're excited because our artists have been stopping by with new submissions. Some are framed, some are matted, and some are mounted. ALL are fabulous, and all are priced just right.

I'm quite proud of this show.

Here is another sneak peek at Kathy Weller's work. I am excited about this and all of her fun pieces.
Don't fall too in love with the one I posted from Kathy yesterday. Like I said, I think I'm taking that one home with me. :)

Polo Barrera has large-scale acrylics in the gallery now, but we learned that he also does some wonderful illustration. When we saw them, we had to have them in the gallery.

Introducing: Fisher ManSkating Man
French ManRocket ManI told you they were fun. There are more, too. (One in particular I can't show you because I think I want it.)

Ann Gorbett has been doing some wonderful pieces, too, just for the show. Normally one to work in oil, these are in acrylic.

This is just a small sampling. Matted up they look particularly great.

We do hope to see you either at the reception or throughout the rest of the year. We'll have a wonderful selection for you to buy art and give art.

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Kerry Hawkins said...

I look forward to seeing all these pieces, looks fun