Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It ain't easy being green

You all know this song, right? "It ain't easy, being green." And on Kermit would sing and eventually our little Muppet friend would come to terms with his individuality and even like it!
The word "green" now has other connotations. The environment has become a major concern and green is everywhere! Custom Art Framing even carries a new line of earth-friendly eco-frames that are made to green standards. (Pretty neat, huh?)

On the heels of last year's show where we asked everyone to finish the phrase, "Life is a bowl of..." which was such fun, we're asking all artists to interpret the phrase "Being Green" in any way they'd like for a show we'll be having this spring. (Ah to think of spring makes me so happy!) You'll find more information about it here.

Please let other artist friends know about this wonderful event. We'll be working to get the word out, too!

We're very excited!!!

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Kerry Hawkins said...

sounds great. nice idea