Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our "to do" list

It's been a wonderful feeling at the shop lately. We've been crossing things off our neverending "to do" list with amazing speed. Of course the issue is that the same list gets new things added to it a little quicker but that is always to be expected.

As promised, our newly redesigned website has launched. It was fun to wait for it to upload and be "live." I think the look of it is stellar---clean and simple and classic. The artists pages are even a bit chic, no?

The bi-monthly periodical Artscope comes out Friday, March 7th and we can't wait. It'll be our first time in the issue and we're excited to be included and look forward to a year's presence in the magazine.Funny how the commitment to Artscope has us a bit more focused. We made some changes to the front of the store Friday which involved painting some areas of the front window glossy black and a spring green color called, funny enough, Al Green. (Someone mentioned to us that this paint company also has a color called Barry White. Things can be such fun when people don't take themselves too seriously.)
I'm posting these photos of Julie and Nancy working on some custom framing jobs. More photos of the shop to follow!