Monday, March 3, 2008

Photos from the shop

The other day I dropped by some artwork and Julie promptly put it in the window.

Since these went in the window early last week, some excellent changes have happened. We painted glossy black and citron spring-green.

Look at how striking the difference is even though the window is empty and the photo's not so good because it's nighttime.

We're hoping to change the color every couple of months. It'll be fun to think about what will come next!

Of course artwork will work with the colors. Here are two pieces that will be going in the window ASAP!
Their colors in person click perfectly with the wall color. I'll be sure to post a shot of them in situ soon.


Kathy Weller said...

Looks AWES!!!!

(that's short for AWESOME)

Can't wait to see it live. It really looks sharp (the citron/black paint)

I bet you don't tire of it too soon -- it is a great livable color I think despite the obvious punchiness.

Your paintings look FAB!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Thanks for your comment. (It means a lot coming from a stellar artist like you.)

You know how it is with color, too. Citron is everywhere right now. Our plan is to change it up every couple of months. We'll see. So far so good.

Thanks so much!