Friday, August 15, 2008

Photos from First Friday with Jennifer O'Neil

First Friday with Jennifer O'Neil was a success. It was our first First Friday and none of us were sure what to expect but it was just wonderful to get this event of and running so well!

Jenn's work looked wonderful. Numerous positive comments and sales (!!YAY, Jenn!!!)

Here she is with my Lucy. How silly I am. It's somehow about my daughter who made a sneak appearance at Jenn's show.

Here Julie and Krystal Grow from the Norwood Record schmooze a bit. (Don't you love Krystal's dress?)
More of Lucy around the gallery. Jenn's work makes a sneak appearance in the back of this shot of Jenn straightening out Lucy's dress. (Am I stretching it a bit?)

First Friday openings have refreshments!

I won't be this silly again, I promise. And at work today I'll get good pictures of Jenn's work. Like I said, it's impressive to see it framed and hanging. Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations, Jenn!

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