Friday, September 19, 2008

Live Painting :: Ann Gorbett

This Friday, September 19th, we'll have our in house artist, Ann Gorbett, in the gallery for Live Painting from 3-6pm.

Ann Gorbett, Life is a bowl of Mashed Potatoes, original oil 2008

Ann Gorbett's work is, simply put, FABULOUS! She creates wonderful original oils from such sundry references as a trip to Martha's Vineyard or her father's album of 50's snapshots.

Intriguing? Well, it should be even more so when I tell you that she does it all with only her lush oil paints and a palette knife. (Am I kidding? No! I'm serious!)

So come by from 3-6pm and see for yourself how this palette knife wielding master plies her art. It's something else to see!

(To see more Ann, check out the video at the side of our blog and she will tell you all about her work.)

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